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Tell us Your story:

Who else hates Ryanair?

Welcome to I hate Ryan Air, where you can share your flight experiences and read other members experiences in our community.

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Ryan Air Customer Service Department PO Box 11451 Swords Co Dublin Ireland

I travel quite a bit with business and for pleasure and have developed an absolute hatred for this airline. Only a few things that are really starting to grate:Priority boarding then complete pandemonium when trying to get on the damn aircraft.

Abolished reclining seats & rubbish holders to 'save'Nonexistent service screwing you over every lasy penny - granted the flights are usually cheap but you more than make up for it when you've bought a ВЈ1.50 cup of water and needed 6 weeks of stress therapy. Unprofessionalism of giggling strewardesses (usually the ugliest girls you'll ever see or some overly attentive camp fella)

i could go on all day... use our website to vent your frustrations and hopefully there might be a CHANGE

Welcome to Ryan Air Experiences

Share your stories and experiences from travelling with Ryan Air

Welcome to our website which helps regular and infrequent flyers be HEARD when dealing with faceless airline that seem to work on the basis of pack 'em in and pile them high.Ryanair, The World’s Most Hated Airline, I have had a few incidents over the last few months, as reported in the Press, including 2 flights diverted with engine problems alone.

Pet Hates

The ugly Ryanair uniform... Can you believe they have to "rent" our uniform 30 € per month during the first year?

Worst Flight EVER!!

Worst flight - I was one of the quiet passengers with my (now wife) who was dumped onto the tarmac on the 5th of February 2011 and told to find a new flight or wait over three hours. You can read about it here

100 Passengers Offloaded from Lanzarote - Charleroi flight

Let us know your experience and together we can help make Ryan Air a better airliner for all of US

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  • Revenue Increase €4,325 million (2012)[3]
  • Operating income Increase €683.2 million (2012)
  • Net income Increase €374.6 million (2012)
  • Total assets Increase €9,001 million (2012)
  • Total equity Increase €3,308 million (2012)

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Credit Card Fee

2% of transaction total
Priority Boarding Fee - Per passenger/ Per One Way Flight €10 / £10
Reserved Seating Fee***

€15 / £15

Airport Boarding Card Re-issue Fee €70/£70
Infant Fee - Per Infant/Per One Way flight (must be under 2 years for both outbound and return flight) €30 / £30
Infant Equipment (car/booster/travel cot) Fee charged per Item/ Per One Way Flight - maximum weight of 20kg per item (1 pushchair per child carried free of charge). €20 / £20
Sports Equipment Fee charged per Item/ Per One Way Flight A maximum weight of 20kg per item
(Bikes max weight - 30kg)
€60 / £60
Musical Instrument Fee charged per Item/ Per One Way Flight A maximum weight of 20kg per item €60 / £60
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Flight Change Fee - Low Season* €45 / £45
Flight Change Fee - High Season* €60 / £60
Flight Change Fee - Low Season* - Selected Flights** €75 / £75
Flight Change Fee - High Season* - Selected Flights** €90 / £90
Name Change Fee - Per Passenger €160 / £160
Flight Uncheck Fee:  Per Passenger/ Per One Way Flight  €15 / £15 via call centre only
Government Tax Refund Administration Fee - Per Passenger €20 / £17

Booking Fee: applies to ALL reservations made at airports/call centres

€20 / £20
Oxygen Reservation Fee: - per passenger/per reservation €100 / £100
Missed Departure Fee - only available at less than 40 mins before and up to 1 hour after flight departure time **** €110 / £110 - at airport only