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Who else hates Ryanair?

Welcome to I hate Ryan Air, where you can share your flight experiences and read other members experiences in our community.

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Ryan Air Customer Service Department PO Box 11451 Swords Co Dublin Ireland

I travel quite a bit with business and for pleasure and have developed an absolute hatred for this airline. Only a few things that are really starting to grate:Priority boarding then complete pandemonium when trying to get on the damn aircraft.

Abolished reclining seats & rubbish holders to 'save'Nonexistent service screwing you over every lasy penny - granted the flights are usually cheap but you more than make up for it when you've bought a ВЈ1.50 cup of water and needed 6 weeks of stress therapy. Unprofessionalism of giggling strewardesses (usually the ugliest girls you'll ever see or some overly attentive camp fella)

i could go on all day... use our website to vent your frustrations and hopefully there might be a CHANGE

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